I’ve been on a journey learning how to stay in the day and choosing peace and joy for what today brings. It’s been my heart’s desire to travel the world since I was small. I can’t remember much more than drawing, painting, loving the water, and wanting to travel. Here, next to the water, wherever the warm sun is shining down is the place I love to be, it is the place I am grateful for, in the wait.

Recently, was thinking I would like a chair to put my feet up on while being in my favorite place. I didn’t think much more of it… then in a whisper on an early morning walk, He simply let me know “I see you.” It caught my eye because of its golden color, sitting on the side of the road with a sign taped to it that said FREE.

It’s my journey for your story. It’s in the smallest of details He cares and wants to be near you to meet your needs.




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