Does she know how beautiful she is?

My mother, Mary Kathryn, the woman who has given me life. I wonder if she knows her smile always greets with much love. Does she know that smile gently says, ” I am glad to see you, you matter to me? Her calm eyes and tender arms speak, ” I am in heaven” as she holds her great grandsons in her arms.

Does she know the tenderness in her life was meant to to be? She is here to touch the world quite different than when she was small. She is an on your knees praying mama for her family, all those who have lost their way or who have been broken by the world.

Always learning about natural health, she is ok to say “not today I’ll try again tomorrow,” she loves adventure, is ready to dance to the do do do song, she ‘stands up for what is right even if the only platform is a letter to editor in her local paper.

Most importantly when the time comes and our lives here on earth are no more, she is passionately in love with Jesus. She knows and embraces the life she has lived and is at peace in her spirit knowing this earth is not our forever home. As her daughter her youngest girl its a gift to know her heart and when that day comes we will part ways in this life, it will be but a blink till the door opens and I follow along with all those who believe will pass through and make our way Home in His Love.

2 responses to “Does she know how beautiful she is?”

  1. I love this drawing of your mom!!! You totally captured her smile 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Julie 💝🌸


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